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Maura Jortner

The Backstory

I was born in Salem, NH. I have a twin sister (fraternal) and a younger brother. I moved to OH to go to college and worked as a stage manager and puppeteer in Cincinnati after earning a degree in English. After traveling around the Midwest for a few years and working nights as a secretary to get through a master's degree, I went to Pittsburgh, PA for even more school! I earned a Ph.D. in Theater History, studying 19th century American theater. I moved to Waco, TX to work at Baylor University. There, I am a Senior Lecturer, which means I am always in the classroom. I read, write, and nerd-out with students about literature and creative writing.

I spent ten years writing and trying to get a book published. I believe in persistence and following your dreams. I hope you do too!

Notebook and Pen

A bit more personal

I have two amazing daughters, one wonderful husband, and a cat who plays fetch. My cat, Shiloh, also knows some tricks. (He's smart and food-motivated.) He can do "dance," "high five," "kiss," and "up," which means he jumps onto my shoulders. Here's a picture of him.

me and Shiloh.jpg

It all began a long time ago...

When my oldest daughter was four, she asked me to tell her a story. She didn't want me to read her a story; she wanted me to tell her one. Okay, I did. But it got long and I couldn't remember all the details, so I started writing it down. That became my first novel. It was terrible, truth be told, but my daughter loved it, and it started me on my journey to publication.

Since then, I've written thirteen books. One of them finally made it.


My favorite place in the world

Can you guess where I am?

Me and the Haunted Mansion_edited.jpg
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